Martie Flores | Creative Direction & Brand Design

During my tenure at Nike, I had the opportunity to work on 2 World Cups. The 2018 World Cup proved to be my most fulfilling project at Nike, as I was responsible for the begining concept, creative & brand direction to get buy-in from executives and VP’s of design at Nike to take a risk on signing the Nigerian National Football team, which would lead to an unexpected energy product launch.

Working with the apparel product team, I broguht their vision, insights, and World Cup ‘18 Nigeria story to life. I led, and designed alongisde apparel and graphic designers to create a compelling story to pitch to leadership. We created and designed an entire room showing the insights and research, product prototypes, and brand design for how we envisioned this all coming to life.

Once we got the green light, we set to editorialize our work into what would be the foundation for the consumer facing branded products.

I directed, and styled the photoshoot with Rebecca Aleman and Anthony Bryant, utilizing samples, and also concepting ways to bring even more energy into the project by proposing collaborations, and leveraging the Naija brand graphics that appeared on team kits worn on pitch, to also be lifestyle and sportswear on street. 

All of this work would go on to inform 1:1 the consumer facing brand direction. Ultimately, the result was Nike’s fastest selling football kits in history. Selling out in a matter of minutes on

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