Martie Flores | Creative Direction & Brand Design

At Snapchat, I did a lot of self-initiated prototype and concept work for the brand. Real Friends 2.0, is concept work for evolving, elevating, and building more equity in Snapchat’s first brand campaign Real friends.

Shifting the creative from illustrated Bitmoji avatars to actual photos of real friends. The idea is continuing the conversation of, “Snapchat is a place for real friends,” and posing the question “who are your real friends?”

Entirely obsessing over these friendships, and editorializing their fluid digital and IRL experiences to reinforce the fact that communication on Snapchat strengthens relationships with your close friends.

Wild Postings Concept
The art direction explores the utilization of phone device silhouettes as a means of conversation between others, ourselves and the physical world. The way the frames interact with each other, lean in, and reveal friendships mimic the conversations in the app.

OOH Concept
Billboards would be hyper local, featuring actual real friends in the given city

Real friends Zine Concept
To compliment the billboards, video, and audio captures that live digitally of real friends discussing their friendships, there would also be a series of physical printed publications. As broad as the campaign may be across a multitude of channels, the genuine intimacy of real friendships are particularly felt through these physical pages.

As Real friends being an evergreen concept, these zines also serve as a way to build a legacy of all the friendships documented.

Digital Posters for IRL Activations
As a way to bring real friends together, IRL listening parties would be held globally. For admission, the only thing you’d need to do, is bring your best friend. These hyper local activations could also be accessible in-app, as a way for friends and fans to experience together, even if they’re not in the same room.

Real friends Merch
Snapchat is a brand users want to wear, and part of the IRL experience package would be commemorative merch for real friends to wear and represent.

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*please note: most of the images shown in the mockups are borrowed for concept purposes only.